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Graph Tech Ratio InvisoMatch Premium Mounting Plates For Fender Style 2 Pin Hole - Nickel

SKU: PRT-952-201-N0
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The PRT-952-201-N0 is a set of 6 Ratio InvisoMatch Premium Installation Plates, designed for easy installation of Ratio Tuned Machine Heads. Match the correct plates to the current machine head screw position on your guitar. Use your guitars existing mounting holes for a fast, perfect Ratio Installation. It has the modern Fender Style two pin mounting system (slightly larger than the Ratio two pin mount) and are Nickel Plated


Ratio InvisoMatch Mounting Plates are the easiest approach to installing Ratio Tuned Machine Heads on your guitar. Simply select the installation plate design that matches the screw/pin hole location of your factory installed machine heads, then follow the three step process described below. You’ll be up and running within about seven minutes. Stay classy you axe master. 

For maximum tuning speed, accuracy and response... choose Ratio Tuned Machine Heads with patended Multi-Geared Tuning Technology. The new standard in tuning.

Questions & Answers

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  • Just ordered Graphtech ratio tuners for my Mex strat. Do I also need to order mounting plates?

    It really depends on the type of tuners that were originally installed, and whether or not the new Ratio tuners have staggered posts. You can use the 'F' style plates on some strats - which are included with the Ratio set you purchased. Other strat models, particularly the USA and other higher end versions do require the Fender style plates - However, the Fender Style 2 Pin plates are NOT included with the Ratio set - they are only available for purchase seperately.

    If you plan on installing the Ratio set with staggered posts, you will likely not be able to use any installation plates (even if you could). The installation plates will prevent the shortest two post height tuners from sticking far enough out of the peghead to accept a string. Detailed instructions are included with the Ratio set for a 'standard' installation without plates - this is fairly simple and straightforward, but does require drilling out two small pilot holes for each machine head.